This could be the start of something new

So why did you start this blog?

It’s almost 3 o’clock in the morning and I have finished reading another post by Catherine Goetze. If you haven’t heard of her, I implore you to check her blog out, I find her transparency, her vernacular and confidence to be just so infectious to her viewers, Dear Readers and everyone else who visits her social media. So infectious that her virtual aura convinced me into creating a blog.

Now I have had a blog before, back in 2011-2012 where I had little to do and a lot of time to spare. That blog was my spare journal, my scrap of paper, my napkin in a restaurant where I wanted to share my thoughts to someone who might give a damn about a prepubescent 12-year-old and her favorite songs to listen to or why some dogs are better than others, mainly for their cuddliness and most importantly their adorable factor. I’ve made it private but the experience I’ve gained was enough for me to feel accomplished, like I’m doing something while having fun. Oh and if you’re curious, it’s already marked private, sorry! Plus I forgot the password to my account so there’s no chance of you scrolling through a year or so of cringeworthy ramblings.

But I haven’t answered the question: why did you start a blog?

Truth be told, Catherine said in an Q&A video that to cure her summer boredom before college, she started her blog. And I thought,

You’re 17 and still haven’t bothered finishing up your drivers ed. And you have a closet full of designer dresses, just collecting dust.

I didn’t have the energy, motivation nor drive in me to continue those ongoing goals of mine. I still have about 5 weeks left until I move in officially. I guess I was particularly motivated by Catherine because she shows drive, optimism and the teenage angst that is pent up by the lack of infrastructure, given by high school and extracurricular activities. When she was 17 just like me, she wanted to create something with the time she has had over the summer. But not only did she create something, she also wanted to share something to the world of her new journey that she has yet to embark on that year of 2013 at Stanford University.

Like her, I didn’t know what I would do with this blog either. But I figured, since I’m going to (hopefully) pursue a STEM major, albeit a very difficult one, I would like an outlet where I could share my thoughts to others who worry, or those who may anticipate the college life with this major. The internet is a grand place, and in this vast void of vulgarity and virtual vindictiveness (AHEM YOUTUBE COMMENTS AND REDDIT), I have yet to see a fun, engaging blog that shares the perspective of a biochemistry major, much less a UCR blog.

I’ve been known to break conventions but also reserve myself and confine to those conventions. But this is a new start to my life. Why not begin it with a little rebellion and start something new? Cheers to you, lovely reader, for staying here and embarking this adventure with me.



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